The Chef 2013

Who’s in the Feast kitchen this year?

We’re delighted to announce that Andrew Hewson, CCC, will be chef for this year’s Feast. Andrew Hewson

Andrew has been a chef for 19 years in Vancouver, New York, England, Philadelphia and Calgary. He is currently a Culinary Instructor in SAIT Polytechnic’s School of Hospitality and Tourism.

Chef Hewson is the 2010/11 recipient of the Cadmus Foundation Trades Teaching Chair which provides a trades instructor the time and resources to pursue a research project that will promote the trades. His project is centred around a term called Culinary Agro Literacy. This is the connection of Culinary Arts/Hospitality training, Agriculture and Foodservice sustainability.

Chef Hewson believes strongly that our future foodservice leaders not only need a strong foundation in the skills of their trade but also in sustainability issues that face the industry. To that end he has lead a project to build a large culinary garden as part of the School where students now have the opportunity to plant, grow, harvest and cook their ingredients.

Chef Hewson is involved with the Calgary Food Committee, mentor to Slow Food Youth Calgary and has been on the Slow Food Calgary steering committee for past 5 years.

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