Memories of Feast 2014

Are your taste buds ready? Got your tickets? Ready for a fun- and food-filled evening? That must mean Feast 2015 is just around the corner.

To tide you over to Saturday evening’s big event, here are some moments from Feast 2014.

Look Who’s in the Kitchen Too

Feast of Bergen 2013 is getting closer! August 31 is not far off and plans are in full swing.

We have a wonderful chef again this year, Andrew Hewson. He’s going to be ably assisted in the kitchen by Darl Hobsbawn.

Darl Hobsbawn comes by his passion for food honestly — with both a mother and a brother in the industry, he grew up very food-conscious.

Darl Hobsbawn

After finishing his Red Seal in 2011, he started the Calgary faction of SFYN, the Slow Food Youth Network, with whom he cooked at the Food Film Festival in Amsterdam, and which holds regular events in and around Calgary. He works full-time at NOtaBLE the Restaurant.

Slow Food Youth Network

Someone’s in the Kitchen

Several of us were at the Bergen Hall today to to start putting up decorations under the creative eyes of Judy Bargholz and Alana Harder.

While others were unloading the trailer and setting up tables, I snuck a peak inside the Hall kitchen.

Although Executive Chef Greg van Poppel wasn’t there, he has obviously arrived. His crisp white jacket was hanging on a coat hanger.

He’s also brought many of his own utensils …

… and a selection of pans.

The two fridges are already filled, one with fresh veggies …

… and the second with beef and lamb.

My mouth is watering already— good thing there’s only two more get-ups ’til Feast Day! 🙂