Feast of Bergen 2015 — Tickets on Sale

Summer is upon us so that means our annual Feast of Bergen is waiting in the wings!

This year’s gourmet celebration is Saturday, August 29 and preparations are already underway for this wonderful event.

Each year the Feast has sold out well in advance of the date so if you’d like to attend now is the time to buy your tickets.

There are only 80 available and 20 of those have already been sold — many by people who’ve attended past Feasts and know what a wonderful evening awaits. (Tickets are $65.)

Kelsey preparing the cheese trays

This year’s chef is Kelsey Sill.

Kelsey is a protege of Andrew Hewson, who was the chef for Feasts 2013 and 2014. She served as one of Andrew’s sous-chefs last year.

Kelsey preparing the Feast

A graduate from SAIT’s chef training program, Kelsey has a strong interest in creating delicious meals from locally-sourced products. We’re fortunate to have her in charge of the meal this year!

Read more about this year’s Feast here. Then buy your tickets in person at the Bergen Farmers’ Market Saturday from 10 to 1, or online using a credit card or PayPal.

Before you go, check out the Feast poster!

Look Who’s in the Kitchen Too

Feast of Bergen 2013 is getting closer! August 31 is not far off and plans are in full swing.

We have a wonderful chef again this year, Andrew Hewson. He’s going to be ably assisted in the kitchen by Darl Hobsbawn.

Darl Hobsbawn comes by his passion for food honestly — with both a mother and a brother in the industry, he grew up very food-conscious.

Darl Hobsbawn

After finishing his Red Seal in 2011, he started the Calgary faction of SFYN, the Slow Food Youth Network, with whom he cooked at the Food Film Festival in Amsterdam, and which holds regular events in and around Calgary. He works full-time at NOtaBLE the Restaurant.

Slow Food Youth Network