Setting up for the Feast

Today is the big day — The Feast of Bergen 2013!

Yesterday the Bergen Hall was a-buzz with activity. Preparations began early in the morning and lasted well into the evening.

Our decorator, Kim Free, and her team of volunteers unpacked decorations, strung cords, hooked up lights, set up tables, hauled chairs and plants and ladders, set up tents and the list goes on. The effort paid off — the hall looks lovely.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Chef Andrew Hewson and his assistants Darl Hobsbawn and Rhekia Fahssi, Pastry Chef at the Boxwood Cafe in Central Memorial Park, began preparing the meal. Food began arriving early — earthy potatoes, ripe red tomatoes, crisp apples, bags of garden lettuce and yellow beans and … well, let’s just say a lot of great food showed up!

Here’s a peak at some of yesterday’s happenings!


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