What Do You Wear to a Feast?

Bergen is definitely rural and definitely country but we also like to dress up on occasion. So the choice is yours.

Go country casual or uptown elegant. Cowboy chic or urban boutique. No matter what you wear you’ll be welcome at the Feast.

We have a full house for the dinner — all 80 tickets disappeared like dew on a sunny morn. Whether you come with friends or on your own, we hope you’ll jump into the spirit of the Feast. New people to meet, music, art, fresh food and good wine — what better way to pass an evening.

The bottom line? Come comfortable and enjoy yourself. 🙂

The Entertainers

Feast of Bergen is not just about great food and wine, it’s also about showcasing some of our best local entertainers.

Burnt Timber Swing will be providing live music for the Feast. This talented trio consists of Julian Tubb (rhythm guitar), Rick Moore (lead guitar and vocals) and Brenda Munro (vocals and percussion).

Rick and Julian have been playing together for a number of years, accompanying and accompanied by a variety of musicians at various venues around Central Alberta.

Although best known for its Swing Jazz and Western Swing, Burnt Timber Swing also performs Latin, folk, bluegrass and fiddle tunes.

All in all, a delightful blend of music to complement the evening’s festivities. 🙂

Sold Out Performance!

Wow! That happened fast. All the tickets to Feast of Bergen have been sold.

When we first started planning this event we weren’t sure how quickly (or even if) the tickets would sell. I guess we have our answer now.

If you are one of the lucky 80 ticket holders, we’ll see you September 8. If you’d like to follow plans for the Feast, you can sign up for an automatic email each time we post new information. Just click on the box in the upper righthand corner of the Home page that says “FOLLOW”.

If you weren’t able to get tickets we do have a waiting list in case of ticket cancellations.

Also, please write and let us know if you’d like us to do this again next year. We can’t promise we will but ya never know. We just might be back. 🙂


What’s Cookin’ at The Feast?

Delicious. Fresh. Local. When it comes to food, it don’t get much better than this.

Bergen-area farmers and ranchers are supplying an array of foods for the Feast — vegetables, beef, lamb, cheese, honey and … well, if you’d like to know more, take a peek at the menu. 🙂

If you’d care to enjoy wine with your dinner, Richard Harvey of Metrovino will be doing the wine pairings. The wines will be available for purchase.

P.S. Are you planning to join us for the Feast? Don’t wait too long to reserve your spot. More than 50 of the 80 tickets have already been sold.


Bergen Makes the Calgary Herald

It’s not everyday our small rural community makes the pages of any newspaper, let alone the Calgary Herald. Many thanks to journalist Karen Anderson for the great write-up about our Farmers’ Market and the upcoming Feast of Bergen.

Click here to read the item.

The Chef Pays a Visit

It was a perfect day at the Bergen Farmers’ Market today. Blue sky, lots of sun, no mosquitoes. And if you were looking for fresh veggies you definitely came to the right place.

There was so much more to tempt your taste buds. Cheese and yogurt. Pepperoni sticks and beef roasts. Cinnamon buns. Apple pie, zucchini cake and butter tarts. And large loaves of Laurie’s wonderful bread.

Greg van Poppel, the chef for Feast of Bergen, also dropped by the market. He chatted with the producers, sampled foods and talked about menu ideas. His culinary skill and experience are a wonderful addition to our event.

It’s going to be a special evening — hope you can join us! 🙂